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Manisha Verma

This is to express my heartfelt gratitude for the medical services rendered to my son Devansh who had sustained severe knee injury while studying abroad two years ago. My son was diagnosed with ACL tear. On his arrival to Mumbai you were kind enough to give immediate date for the surgery. You explained the process of the Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction in a simple and reassuring way.

It has been your expert guidance that enabled him to return to his College soon after the surgery. You have always been available to Devansh over phone to guide him about the post- surgery precautions and nature of exercise he could do incrementally. This has immensely helped his healing process despite being far from Mumbai.

I have also been a witness to the personal commitment and compassion with which you have mobilized health services during Covid-19 in challenging circumstances to serve the common man. May the Almighty bless you and give you success in all your endeavours.


Dillon Mendonca

"I had suffered an Achilles Tendon rupture whilst a game of football back in March 2019. I received treatment from another medical professional and was advised to stay in a plaster of three weeks post which I had gradually begun physiotherapy. In May 2019, the incident of my Achilles Tendon rupture re occurred and I was made to do an MRI which stated that the tear was even more severe. This led me to connect with Dr Fayaz Memon (through a far relative who is also a medical professional) for examining my case and suggesting the next steps. Dr Fayaz soon initiated a telephonic conversation with me and highlighted that I would need surgery to fix up the tear and provided me confidence that I would recover soon and I need not be anxious. Post my first physical consultation Dr Fayaz briefly and efficiently suggested that I undergo a surgery and recommended that I undergo a couple of medical tests prior to that. Dr Fayaz validated my medical test reports  and gave me a green signal of taking the surgery forward at wockhardt hospital. On the day of the surgery, I was calmed and kept hopeful with the confidence and positive attitude demonstrated by Dr Fayaz. The surgery progressed successfully and I was back home in two (2) days. I had recurring appointments with Dr Fayaz every  two weeks and in each consultation there was gradual and significant improvement which continued for a period of three months when I could confidentally sideline the walker I used for maneuvering around, when plastered up. Now in November 2020 my Achilles Tendon feels stronger and I am able to walk hassle free. It was a tough journey, but Dr Fayaz made it a memorable one with his sheer medical brilliance and impeccable experience. Kudos, to Dr Fayaz. I truly recommend Dr Fayaz to all those who have some or the other orthopaedic issue and especially those who suffer sport related orthopaedic injuries"


Lawrence Betgeri

"I'm writing this after successfully completing 3years after my ACL reconstruction surgery of my left knee. I'm Lawrence, I've always been a sport enthusiast, I'm professionally a football player and represented the Junior national team, district and also played the I-league. While on a tour to Jagdalpurin 2017, I ruptured my ACL of my knee while playing and had a complete tear. The pain was unbearable. Once I was back in Bombay I visited Dr. Fayaz Memon, who's one of the few best sports orthopaedic surgeon, who I highly recommend to everyone. When I visited him, he understood about my ACL tear and after it was confirmed that its ACL only after a MRI Ttest. He was very positive and made me understand that Its not that I cant play football after my surgery. The surgery was a success, I was back and recovered very soon. I was back on field in one year. I have no complaints regarding the surgery done by Dr. Fayaz memon. I was also rewarded as the best defender in the year 2018-19. Dr Fayaz memon has got me reaching heights after the ACL reconstruction surgery. There is no pain and LIVING A SPORT LIFE again."



Dr. Afzal Khan

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the excellent medical services rendered to my son Bilal who was diagnosed with I) ACL tear. 2) Medial Meniscal tear, following severe knee injury while playing soccer. He was in severe pain with massive swelling of the affected knee joint. Myself and my wife being Doctors were in dilemma because an Orthopaedic Surgeon who is not specialized in Arthroscopy advised conservative treatment which we followed for few weeks but despite giving best of antinlfammatory and analgesic and complete bed rest my son's pain was increasing in intensity.

Then by the grace of Almighty we consulted you, and you explained me and Bilal who was in3rd year M.B.B.S. at that time, the whole procedure Of Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction and medial meniscal repair and gave us an immediate date of surgery. My concern regarding the medial meniscal repair was that, if it could not bc repaired and salvaged then menisectomy would lead to knee joint degeneration. But by the grace of Almighty and your surgical skills and acumen you not only reconstructed the ACL but also repaired the medial meniscus successfully.

Post operatively you guided Bilal in rehabilitation. And Bilal started to squat by 16 weeks and today almost 2 years post surgery he is fit and fine and playing soccer again.

May the Almighty bless you in this world and hereafter.